The Different Types of Blues Music

The Different Types of Blues Music

Blues music is another music genre under which diverse style of music with similar features are grouped. Although Blues remain the starting point for these sub-genres, we now have traditional Blues music which was coined and maintained out via the ingenuity of several Blues musicians.

In our world of music today, we regard classic Blues as the oldest type of Blues music. In the 1920s, classic Blues music was the standard by which Blues music with a difference was known. A few of the Classic Blues musicians are Muddy Waters, Ma Rainey as well as Robert Johnson.

After some time, other Blues music genres came up with different forms. Fuse Blues music became very popular amidst the different forms that came up. It was spiced with other musical genres. For instance, Country Blues became popular in the 1960s which are simply a blend of Blues with Country music in a classic way. Memphis was its real home since both genres were the rocking favorites there those days.

Of all the Blues music, country blues are the most famous. The best of the songs often tells a story that is usually sad. The instruments are acoustic, but the music itself maintains the structure of the blues. The commonest of the instruments used are guitar and banjo. A few examples of artistes include Union Station, Dolly Parton as well as Alison Krauss.

The advent of electronic instruments including amplifiers brought about Electric Blues. Electric Blues sprang from Texas and moved to every nook and crannies of the country, kudos to Texas for saturating the country with Electric Blues.

In Mississippi Delta, another genre of music very similar to country blues arose. Although both genres use much of acoustic guitar, the Delta artists use a slide guitar. This may account for the richness of the Delta blues. Delta blues rocks the street in the early 1990s, and people loved it so much. Delta musicians who exhaled from Mississippi Delta were greatly discussed those days.

In conclusion, several other forms of Blues music have been created in previous years. A lot of them were distinguished by regional differences. Other Blues music includes Acid Blues and Delta Blues.

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